3D Wooden Owl model puzzle educational children’s toy, cute !
wooden owl model pazzle
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3D Wooden Owl model puzzle educational children’s toy, cute !

Wooden owl model puzzle

Owls in some cultures symbolize death, disease, and evil forces. This may be because it is a nocturnal animal and preys on other birds. In China, the image of an owl is combined with Lei Gong, symbolizing a god. In Japan, people think it can bring famine and plague and is a symbol of disaster. In Ancient Egypt, the owl was a symbol of death and night, while in ancient Rome, if you saw an owl during the day, it meant bad luck. Many superstitious Romans believed that the only way to prevent it was to catch and kill the owl and throw its ashes into the Tiber. In the legend, the call of the owl heralded the death of the Roman Emperor Caesar. Do you have interest having a wooden owl model puzzle?  Do your child like owl ? Act now !

wooden owl model puzzle

wooden owl model puzzle


wooden owl model puzzle

wooden owl model puzzle

Why choose three-dimensional puzzle:

1. It can stimulate children’s reasoning ability and improve hand-eye coordination
Faced with a mess of jigsaw puzzle pieces, children need to think about the color, position, and direction of the pieces alone. Therefore, children who love to play puzzles tend to be better at reasoning and thinking.
2. Improve children’s frustration tolerance
3. Increase observation ability, cultivate patience and concentration
When a child enters the world of puzzles, the child not only gains self-affirmation, but also learns to face difficulties; through continuous observation and analysis, continuous, focused, and patient engagement, the child can train the child’s concentration and stability.
Jigsaw puzzle games make children smarter, mothers can let babies play various jigsaw puzzles, so that they can benefit from the fun while enjoying the games.

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