How to make your child smarter?
How to make your child smarter (4)
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How to make your child smarter?


How to make your child smarter?How to develop a child’s intelligence, such as fast reading, unforgettable ability, and correct use, must be very enviable, right?

In fact, there is no need to envy, human potential is not limited, is infinite.

Moreover, each of us can take the initiative to develop our own potential, so as to make our brains smarter.

Scientific experiments have confirmed that no matter how old you are, developing the following seven habits will contribute to mental development.

Learning to play a musical instrument can make children smarter


Learning to play a musical instrument can make children smarter

Music is of great help to the brain. in addition to improving people’s creativity, analytical ability, memory and mathematical ability, it can also make our movements more flexible.

Although many people say that team sports can also achieve these goals, there is one thing that music can do: to promote the company by constantly creating new connections.

The development of the corpus callosum connecting the cerebral hemispheres.

And the better the development of the corpus callosum, the executive ability, memory, problem-solving ability, will be better than ordinary people, and not limited by age.

How to make your child smarter (4)
Reading can make children smarter

No matter which way of reading you prefer, as long as it is reading, it can bring the same benefits: reduce stress, make people feel good, and improve three kinds of intelligence-crystal intelligence, fluid intelligence and EQ.

Therefore, people with stronger reading habits tend to have better problem-solving skills and are better at integrating bits and pieces of information into useful knowledge.

In addition, their understanding and communication skills will also be better.


Regular exercise can make children smarter

Really develop the habit of exercise, will have the greatest help to the brain.

Instead of sitting at your desk all day working hard, get up and run and exercise.

Because when people exercise, the cells will be filled with a protein called BDNF, which can enhance memory, learning ability, concentration and understanding, so the brain will be more sensitive.

In addition, scientists also point out that sitting for a long time will not make you more productive. On the contrary, your mind will become more and more dull, and the more you sit, the more stupid you will be.



How to make your child smarter

How to make your child smarter

Learn a new language can make children smarter

Research shows that people who speak more than two languages have strong execution, planning and problem-solving skills.

Many people will learn a foreign language because of their needs. In fact, it is a great help to you-learning a foreign language will not only make you climb higher and higher in your learning or workplace, but also make your mind more and more flexible.


Slowly accumulating habits can make children smarter

It is mentioned above that learning a foreign language can effectively promote brain development, and another reason is that learning a language requires us to spend a lot of time accumulating and repeating, and accumulation is actually a very important learning habit, because only through accumulation can we remember something and learn new skills.

So, let yourself form a cumulative habit.

You can accumulate new knowledge by borrowing books from the library and write down fleeting inspiration in your notebook as a stepping stone to the birth of great ideas in the future.

Play puzzle games can make children smarter

Whether it’s playing Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, riddles, board games or cards, these puzzle Mini Game can help reshape the brain’s nerves.

When the way nerve cells respond, our brains begin to look at things from different angles, and our ability to understand things will take us to the next level.

As a result, our ability to think and recognize has been improved.

Although some people say that brain nerve remodeling can be accompanied by symptoms such as tinnitus, it does make people feel more peaceful, reduce restlessness and depression, and make people learn faster and remember more.

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