How important for games to children?
  Do you know the importance of games to children?
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How important for games to children?

 Do you know the importance of games to children?

 Most parents are no stranger to the game this time. When they hear about the game, their reaction must be “play.” Yes, the game is played in different forms, but do you understand the role of children in the process of playing the game?

 First, play is the most important learning in the process of children’s development.

 In the process of growing up, children learn many basic skills by “playing”. They also learn to express themselves and communicate with others, and to understand themselves and their surroundings. Games are children’s favorite activities. It can be said that play has been an activity since the existence of human beings. it is a spontaneous and self-satisfying activity. for children, play is a very important and natural activity, which is almost inseparable from daily life. it is one of the important ways for children to learn.


Second, play is an important medium for children to learn.

 Children in early childhood, games occupy most of the child’s time, children from the baby, will look for sound, tracking light source, from waking up to open eyes, will continue to explore the environment, but also slowly distinguish the sounds often heard in life, see colorful toys will also stare, these are very basic sensory games, and these games are also the most important start for children to establish cognitive learning.

Children slowly to about 1 year old, will gradually develop like to play hide-and-seek, and even play hide-and-seek, children in the process of these games, slowly develop the so-called concept of object permanence.

 Third, games promote children’s cognitive development.

 In terms of children’s development, children need to understand the world through their senses and construct abstract concepts through practical experience and repeated practice.

For example, a child will slowly develop the concept of space by playing with building blocks, and he will develop better by playing with building blocks to construct fine movements. he will also learn the concept of money and numbers through a lot of game-playing, trading or role-playing games. and the rules of interpersonal interaction.

Human development has stages, pre-school is an important period for children’s cognitive development, and games are of great significance to children’s cognitive development.



Fourth, games promote the development of children’s senses.

Perception is the beginning of children’s cognitive activities, and it is the channel for children to understand external things, increase knowledge and develop intelligence.

All kinds of games, especially operational game, provide children with a lot of opportunities for sensory practice.

Fifth, game promote children’s language development.

Game are also the basis of listening to language and learning to speak slowly through the interaction between children and adults.

In the game, children need to communicate with each other, which leads to the motivation to actively use language.



Sixth, games promote the development of children’s imagination and creativity.

The child is free and imaginative in the game. In the game, the child can imagine himself as another object, which greatly promotes the development of imagination.

Game are carried out freely by children, and they can bring joy and satisfaction to children.

In short, carrying out play activities in children’s study and life plays an obvious role in children’s growth. It can not only meet the needs of children’s game, but also a kind of preparatory work. Through game, children can learn and experience life. At the same time, it also promotes its development in all aspects, so that children can have a happy childhood living standards, laying the groundwork for future adulthood.



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