DIY 3D wooden car truck puzzle game for kids
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DIY 3D wooden car truck puzzle game for kids

Educational Toy Gift DIY 3D Wooden car truck puzzle Game for  Children


3D Wooden Car Truck Puzzle

3D Wooden Car Truck Puzzle


A toy with many benefits?

Yes, it can exercise hands-on ability, learning to read, graphic perception, observation.

An entertaining teacher?

Yes, learn about nature, animal knowledge, and the stories behind myths and legends in puzzle play.

Environmentally friendly and high quality

Wooden puzzles, safe and environmentally friendly, no burrs, no scissors and glue are needed. Each one is assembled into a beautiful three-dimensional model, allowing environmental thinking to deepen into the mind. Exquisite details, various shapes, gamified and interesting hands-on assembly, better quality, more suitable for children’s choice.


The story behind the 3D puzzle


1. Truck history

The origin of the truck comes from the dirt cross-country competition of pickup trucks and the pickup drag race. In these events, pickups need to use suspension lifting kits to reach higher than usual ground clearance. But obviously taller and bigger cars will give people a more powerful visual and psychological feeling, so the lifting work of these pickups has intensified, and at the same time, the tires have become larger and larger.

car truck puzzle

car truck puzzle

2. The first truck

But the exact origin of the name “Bigfoot” comes from 1979, Bob Chandler used to call his “monster class” pickup.

car truck puzzle

car truck puzzle

The specific history is like this. In 1975, Bob Chandler, a construction manager, decided to buy a 1974 Ford F250 four-wheel drive pickup for the weekend pickup, But later he discovered that the local auto repair shop could not provide parts in time to repair the parts of his pickup that were damaged during the race. The passion for offloading prompted him, his wife and neighbor Jim Kramer to open the Midwest 4-Wheel Drive Center in their garage, and began to provide repair services for off-road pickup trucks.


So today the puzzle we want to recommend to everyone is as shown

3D Wooden Car Truck Puzzle

3D Wooden Car Truck Puzzle

Recommendation index: ✭✭✭✮✮

1.Packing size:34.0×21.0x0.6cm

2.outside box size:35.5×22.5x20cm

3.Gross net weight of carton(50pcs):6.7kg/6.5kg

Wholesale price is2.9 $/set, look forward to working with you!

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