How should we choose Christmas toys in 2020?
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How should we choose Christmas toys in 2020?

How should we choose Christmas toys in 2020? There are still two weeks to go before Christmas in 2020, and some friends are still wondering what kind of gifts to choose for their children. Let me share some ideas for you. Hope that can help you.

Whether you resell it or give it to your children or friends, we should pay attention to what your children like best.

Here is a list of the top five most popular toys for Christmas 2020:
1.LEGO 71360 Super Mario Adventures Starter Course Toy Interactive Figure & Buildable Game.
popular toys for Christmas 2020
2.VTech KidiZoom Studio (Red), Amazon Exclusive.
3. Star Wars The Child Animatronic Edition “AKA Baby Yoda”

popular toys for Christmas 2020popular toys for Christmas 2020











4.LEGO 75292-Star Wars The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport Starship Toy with The Child Minifigure, Amazon Exclusive.
5. Present Pets.
6. Barbie GMW0

popular toys for Christmas 2020popular toys for Christmas 2020popular toys for Christmas 2020








7. L.O.L. Surprise!OMG Remix Plane.
8. L.O.L Surprise!O.M.G. Remix Honeylicious Fashion Doll- 25 Surprises with Music.
9. Mattel Games Uno Showdown.
popular toys for Christmas 2020
popular toys for Christmas 2020
10.Playmobil 70317 Back to the Future DeLorean Toy.
popular toys for Christmas 2020
If you can’t decide after reading this list, what are the precautions we should take when choosing gifts?
1. Beware of dangerous toys.

Safety toy in the case of unattended, children can also use toy to play alone, and do not cause any harm, even non-toxic materials toys must be strictly guarded.
Examples include toys with small parts, battery-powered toys, ball toy and toys with paint coatings.
Children under 3 years of age should avoid small bits and pieces such as magnets, which are at risk of asphyxiation, as well as sharp and sharp toys.
Projectiles such as toy bow and arrow, slingshot pen, etc., are most likely to cause injuries to children.

2.Careful selection of vocal toys.

Experts point out that the hearing of children under 5 years old is in the stage of development, and if the noise in the environment exceeds 80 decibels and lasts for more than 5 minutes, the children’s auditory system will be affected.

3. Reject toxic materials.

Cartoon human or animal-shaped masks are also favorite Christmas gifts for children.
Some unqualified mask toy are made of toxic plastics and chemicals, coupled with masks that fit with the child’s facial features, making it easy for the child to inhale the chemicals in the mask, causing harm.
Some toy or daily necessities that give off a pungent smell are equally dangerous.

4. Beware of plush toys.

Some children like to sleep with plush toys or even bite and play with them. Once the fluff falls off into the trachea, the child is likely to develop respiratory tract infections, bronchospasm, cough or asthma. Some children will develop skin allergies such as eczema.


Through the above analysis, we recommend a very popular gift, which is not only safe, but also helpful to the growth of children, that is, our wooden 3D jigsaw puzzles, a variety of styles to choose from.
Your child will be curious about how to assemble a piece of wood into three-dimensional, interesting models.

So if you are interested, you can click on our store, welcome your consultation.

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