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Geekid play starts to release a child’s potential from the moment they pick up their first brick.


Free play is how children develop their imagination – the foundation for creativity. Curiosity asks WHY and imagines possible explanations. Playfulness asks WHAT IF and imagines how the ordinary becomes extraordinary, fantasy or fiction. Dreaming it is a first step towards doing it.


Creativity is the ability to come up with ideas that are new, surprising and valuable – and it’s an essential 21st century skill. Systematic creativity is a particular form of creativity that combines logic and reasoning with playfulness and imagination.


Fun is being active together, the thrill of an adventure, the joyful enthusiasm of children and the delight in surprising both yourself and others in what you can do or create. Fun is the happiness we experience when we are fully engaged in something that requires mastery, when our abilities are in balance with the challenge at hand and we are making progress towards a goal.


Learning is about being curious, experimenting and collaborating – expanding our thinking and doing, helping us develop new insights and new skills. We learn through play by putting things together, taking them apart and putting them together in different ways. Building, un-building, rebuilding, thereby creating new things and developing new ways of thinking about ourselves, and the world.


Caring is about our desire to make a positive difference in the lives of children, for our colleagues, our partners, and the world we live in. Doing that little extra, not because we have to – but because it feels right and because we care.


For us quality means the challenge of continuous improvement to provide the best play material, the best for children and their development and the best to our community and partners. From a reputation for manufacturing excellence to becoming trusted by all – we believe in quality that speaks for itself and earns us the recommendation of all.

“If you allow him to think independently, critically, and imaginatively, you should adopt a method that strengthens these intellectual qualities.”

Xingzhi TaoEducator

Geekid since its inception in 2014, Geekid has always maintained a child-like curiosity, trying to bring new science and new technologies to children in various forms of toys such as puzzles and building blocks.

Building blocks and puzzles have always been excellent growth partners for children, especially for children’s concentration and imagination. Geekid hope to integrate traditional toys into the science and life knowledge of machinery, power, mathematics, space and so on, with the help of some innovation, to help them master them in this popular way.

In order to achieve this goal, we built a factory of more than 6000 square meters in Changde, Hunan in 2017. The production of toys is in full compliance with EN71/ISO9001/ASTM/FSC and other standards, and we have the ability to provide customers with OEM and ODM customized production services. At the same time, we set up an international trade company in Shenzhen to serve our partners all over the world.

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Compliance with EN71/ISO9001/ASTM/FSC
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Let’s create happiness for children together

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We are a manufacturing and trading combo who specialize in producing and exporting puzzle with plenty of skilled workers for more than 5 years full experience.

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