Who says jigsaw puzzles are only for children?
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Who says jigsaw puzzles are only for children?


Who says jigsaw puzzles are only for children?

These nine 3D puzzles are tested patiently, and you may not even be as good as a child.

Are you still giving people a jigsaw puzzle of thousands of pieces as a gift? You out! Are you still using small jigsaw puzzles to develop children’s IQ? Then you are out!

puzzle jigsaw

puzzle jigsaw

Now the popular 3D jigsaw puzzle is the 3D jigsaw puzzles, which integrates the ability of spatial imagination and hands-on, which is much more beautiful and fun than the traditional jigsaw puzzle.

Three-dimensional puzzles are more likely to arouse the curiosity of the players and fall in love with the minute-by-minute thing of the jigsaw puzzle.

Don’t underestimate the three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, it will be addictive! Whether you play with it or give it as a gift, it is a good toy for health and intelligence. Boys and girls play together, then imagine the happiness of “unfinished ghosts”.


3d puzzle

3D wooden jigsaw puzzles of “Liaoning ship”aircraft carrier
Price:  $12.9
Recommended index: ★★★★

Packing size:34.0 × 21.0x3cm.
Assembly size:79 × 19.7 × 29.7cm.
Outsaide box size:35.5 × 22.5x20cm.

Material: Wood.
Design concept:

The aircraft carrier Liaoning, referred to as “Liaoning ship” for short, is the first aircraft carrier of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army Navy to carry fixed-wing aircraft.

The former Soviet Navy Marshal Kuznezov class aircraft carrier USS Varyag.

It was developed on the basis of the second Marshal Kuznezov aircraft carrier of the former Soviet navy, the aircraft carrier Varyag (Russian: Russian aircraft carrier), and followed the original design features in the overall design. its ship shape features, size, displacement, power plant are basically the same as Marshal Kuznezov, and great improvements have been made in superstructure, air defense weapons, electronic equipment, carrier aircraft equipment, and so on.

It is an aircraft carrier with a story, always silently guarded and dedicated on the battlefield.

Aircraft carrier Liaoning

Aircraft carrier Liaoning


This jigsaw puzzles is a jigsaw puzzle made of wood. After being put together, it is a wood model with its own blue decorative pattern. You can also manually color the plane on board to create more creative works.

Can be used for office, bedroom, living room exhibitions, it will be a charming scenery.


The gift is suitable for the object:

Children with strong hands-on ability, military enthusiasts, elders, friends, soldiers.

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